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Dial in your cellular #768#[password] to set your password (from 4 to 8 digits)

See a simulation Click here to see a simulation of the Pandora Box system.

Your PandorBox© access password is issued anytime with your own cellphone.
No more password forgetting!
PandoraBox© works on all type of cellphone models and brands!
 About Pandora Box 
Let's imagine the following scenario
Sitting at the seaside, reading a newspaper, you can dial on your cellphone just the number associated to an article you are interested in, followed by a # sign, and voilá! you just captured this piece of information.

Listening broadcast, radio station MF100, you dial 3336#100 and voilá! you have captured the exact information associated with what you just heard.

Watching TV on channel 13, you dial 8888#13 and voilá! you have captured the exact information associated with what you just saw.

¿How does it work?
PandoraBox© working with Ericsson©, one of the world's leader mobile infrastructure provider, has developed this new communication style and concept.

For example, if you the number you dial contains a # sign, the mobile phone system knows that you just wanted to issue a PandoraBox© command, instead of making a phonecall, and the system proceeds to capture the associated information.

The captured information, can then be reached over the intenet, identifying yourself by your cellphone number and a password or you can get it mailed to you. Also, if your cellphone has the capability of receiving text messages, this informatoin can also be shown immediately on your cellphone screen.

¿what kind of information do I get?
Small pieces of information.
This information is bound to a regional and cultural context and it's shown in this way, taking into account your preferences. Take a look at the left image, the phone number includes the country and area code. This would not show up if you where in Buenos Aires (Argentina) at this time.

This tiny chunks of information maintain an ordered and hierarchical relationship between it's components. They can also be digitally signed, for security reasons.
They have only one "owner" and "publisher", both reachable by e-mail.

¿What if I dont want to go into the internet?
PandoraBox© can announce that you are somehow interested in this advertisment, product or service. Then, they will call you.

Without any cost, without wasting your time speaking. You can just reasume with your sunbath at the beach. PandoraBox© knows all about your particular cellphone model. If it is capable of receiving text messages, you will recieve a small resume on the info's contenten.

In case that you have a cellphone with WAP 1.2 implemented, we will use the WATI capabilities. The advantage lies on instead of only watching the data de data you can also store it on your local phone memory or ask for embedded extra-services.

¿What else is PandoraBox©?
PandoraBox© Services
This function allow multiple service providers to serve a single information chunk. This enables you to ask for a reservation (like the former example), have an article reprint, participate in a contest, buy a product, etc.

PandoraBox© GEO
This function (if your cellphone has a WAP browser), ask locally and see what information or services are available at the place you are at this time.
The information pieces can be put into a regionally limited category. The relationship, coding and regulations of all this geographic categories is provided by PandoraBox©

PandoraBox© Real Time
This allows any broadcast or Tv station to associate an information chunk to a time-dependant context, by this way, you can capture, with your cellphone, just information in the air, anytime (advertisements, articles, recipes, contests, etc.)

PandoraBox© Servers
Any company can ask to associate it's phone number to it's own Pandora information server. By this way, the company can create and publish it's own information pieces.
The user must just dial the company's phone number, then a # sign, followed by the number associated to the information he wants to capture.

¿PandoraBox© Roaming?
PandoraBox© is intended to be available on all the phone networks at any place allover the world by means of multiple alliances with the telephony operators.
And by the same way you use your cellphone when you move from one place to another, PandoraBox© will enable you, to allways dial the local phone number of a newspaper wether you are in Madrid, Stocoholm or in México DF without the need to include special or int'l dial-up prefixes.