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PandoraBox system is an open development platform in which a series of unnumbered applications can be shown.
This system allows a user to dial a number on his / her cell phone and carry out an action instead of making a phone call.
The action which guarantees PandoraBox system consists of identifying a user, Obtainig the user’s credentials and carrying out a “HIT” about a PandoraBox server identified inivocally by the dialed number.
The number of applications based on this system will make use of this action to carry out an order such as: “ store this information “, “ contact me “, “ inform me on this event”, “ I wish to apply for this congress”, “ I vote for this”,” I would like to participate of this draw”, etc.

 Pandora Numbers 
Every number dialed on a cell phone that starts with a hash (#) , is a Pandora number.
This symbol is the one that allows the central AXE distinguish between the action of opening a voice chanel or sending the dialed number to the carrier of the Gateway server.

The starting of the running process of PandoraBox system is as follows: When the user dials a “ Pandora number “ on his/ her cell phone, this number is transferred to a Pandora Gateway server which operates in the following way:
Obtains the registration of the user provided by the “carrier”which takes care of the account of that user.
Obtains the adress of the Pandora server associated to the dialed Pandora number.
Sends the “ Request” message to the Pandora server “HIT”
Obtains the “reply” message from the Pandora number.
Depending on the user’s preferences and capacity of the device , sends a SMS with the information provided by the Pandora server.
If the user has capacity of “HOSTING” and the information given by the Pandora server is persistent, it is then sent to the user’s “HOSTING” server.
Issues “billing” tickets.
The Pandora server is the place where the actions take place and it is here where third parties can implement their applications.
PandoraBox Enviroment
Module bese required for all the PandoraBox applications consiitutes on the “core” of PandoraBox system.

PandoraBox Server
Module which receives the “HIT” from a user about a Pandora number.
This module is open , this means that third companies may implement their PandoraBox servers and display their own applications.

PandoraBox Hosting
Module which allows information to be stored on Pandora objects captured by a user.

PandoraBox Scheduling
When a user requests a Pandora object to a PandoraBox server which has implicit notification of a predicted or unpredicted event, this module is the one which has a record of users to be notified and takes care of the notification process.

PandoraBox Monitoring
Module which notifies to the one that publishes a Pandora object in a Pandora object server, each time someone needs an object of it’s property.
This notice can be sent directly as a SMS message to a cellular device or to an E mail adress. The information that it includes are:

Date and time of captivity.
Geographical area of captivity
Name of Pandora server( name of the means )
Captured Pandora object.
Contact number of the person that captured the information.
Name of the person ( optional )

PandoraBox Real Time
Module which generates in a dynamic way a list indicating the time and date in which a Pandora object is put on air ( t.v program, radio, etc. ). Processes the requests of a user who requests information held to a temporal context.

PandoraBox Publishing
Module which decentralizes the publishing of Pandora objects over a Pandora object server.
This module allows different suppliers of information to have the capacity to produce and publish Pandora objects on the same server.

Aplicación Juegos
Characteristics: Questions and answers by topic area.
Solution to crossword puzzles.
Guessing games.
Requirements: MT device
Modules required: PandoraBox Enviroment
PandoraBox Server

Aplicación Sorteos
Characteristics: Enrollment to a draw by dialing a number.
Requirements: None.
Modules required: PandoraBox Enviroment
PandoraBox Server

Aplicación Eventos
Characteristics: Notice of public events usinga calendar.
Examples: public holidays, openings,box office openings, etc.
Notice of events not in calendar.
Examples:Note of a goal,Update of an internet page, news chanels, etc.
Requirements: MT divice
Modules required: PandoraBox Enviroment
PandoraBox Server
PandoraBox Scheduling

Aplicación CallCenter
Characteristics: Notice to the announcer of a user that wishes to be contacted about a product or service offered.

Enrollments to seminars, congress, general advertising, etc.
Requirements: None.
Modules required: PandoraBox Enviroment
PandoraBox Server
PandoraBox Monitoring

Aplicación MiBox
Characteristics: Captivity of printed information in graphic means. Newspapers,magazines, brochures.guides, etc.

Captivity of dinamic information:
Weather forecast
Dollar value (currency exchange)

Captivity of GEO information
Obtain the available services within the geographical area where the user is.
Requirements: None.
Modules required: PandoraBox Enviroment
PandoraBox Server
PandoraBox Hosting

Aplicación MediaBox
Characteristics: Captivity of information transmited by an audiovisual means ( Tv, Radio )
Requirements: None.
Modules required: PandoraBox Enviroment
PandoraBox Server
PandoraBox Hosting
PandoraBox Real Time